We are thrilled to welcome Angel Bolton, our newest Wealth Advisor, to Live Oak Private Wealth. Angel brings an extensive wealth of knowledge in financial planning. With two decades of industry experience and a true passion for building meaningful client relationships, Angel is an invaluable addition to the team.



Angel, tell us about your background.

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and graduated with a business degree, then kicked off my career with US Trust (before the Bank of America acquisition). I spent a decade there cutting my teeth, as they say. It was a fantastic foundational experience where I was able to learn the industry, inside and out. I received encouragement and advice from a female mentor at US Trust to pursue my CFP designation. After that, I transitioned to a role with a multi-family investment office in Chapel Hill, then landed with Wells Fargo’s regional planning group.


You’ve spent two decades in the industry – what’s your favorite part about this job?

Planning is relational. You’re not selling a product, but rather you’re helping someone with an ongoing process. With every significant life event comes change, and it’s important for me to build trust with all my clients so that I’m in tune with these happenings. I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients so that I can support their needs and goals. I also really love the investment side – I am a numbers person and enjoy all the analytical tools and tech that I leverage to make smart decisions on behalf of my clients.


What attracted you to Live Oak Private Wealth?

Live Oak Bank’s vision was a big draw – they lay out their mission so well and that was exciting for me. Another big reason was the seamless integration with Jolley Asset Management. I have been through a few acquisitions over the course of my career. After seeing firsthand the successful acquisition and merging of two companies with Jolley, I knew this was a special place. It’s remarkable how well the two offices have complemented each other’s styles and cultures. Also, LOPW places a huge emphasis on planning, which helps everyone do their job better.


What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

My two children, Jada and George, are big athletes. We spend most of our weekends and free time on the soccer or baseball field, which is special. We get to watch them work hard, strategize, develop teamwork skills, build friendships, deal with unwanted circumstances as well as celebrate victories. When the sports seasons are on break, we try to find opportunities to travel and will always end up on a ski mountain together!