Unwavering Advice for all of Your Financial Questions

We’ve Redefined Wealth Management

Live Oak Private Wealth is dedicated to providing high-net-worth individuals and families with the wealth and investment management strategies you need to pursue your financial goals. We bring together an experienced team of professional financial advisors dedicated to providing you with a personalized approach to strategic wealth management services, along with a commitment to the highest level of discretion and attention you deserve.

A New Approach

By design, our team is a collection of wealth management leaders, each bringing a unique skill set to the table to maximize the impact of your financial strategies. As part of the Live Oak family of companies, Live Oak Private Wealth leverages innovation and technology to provide you with a state-of-the-art client experience.

A Powerful Connection

As part of the Live Oak Bancshares ecosystem, Live Oak Private Wealth is connected to Live Oak’s mission to treat every customer like the only customer. In addition, we’ve applied Live Oak’s laser focus on innovation, efficiency and excellence to bring you the value, security and soundness you expect and deserve as our client.

A Trusted Partner

We understand the complex obligations affluence affords and the strategies families and individuals need to ensure that wealth continues to grow. Our team is focused on excellence and provides trusted insight, collaboration and care to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Treat Clients Like Family

    We want to be part of your family for generations to come and will only give you transparent and honest financial advice that aligns with your goals.

  • Quality, Not Quantity

    In today’s information and data-saturated world, we want you to only have the “need to know” when it comes to your investments. We will share relevant and detailed insights about your financial investments through your client portal, which you’ll be able to access anytime, anywhere.

  • Be Disruptive

    Live Oak Private Wealth has a maniacal focus on providing a client experience that’s different--and better--than other wealth management firms. We’re not just saying it; we’re actually doing it.