In addition to the trust services and estate planning services included in our comprehensive financial planning, Live Oak Private Wealth offers families access to corporate trustee services. The Live Oak Private Wealth team, through a strategic partnership with Alliance Trust Company of Nevada, will help manage and protect your family’s wealth for generations to come.

A trust is a legal, fiduciary arrangement in which the owner of a property or other assets transfers the ownership to a trustee to hold for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. The appointment of a trustee should be a well-thought-out and careful decision. There are many benefits to working with an independent trust company to serve as your corporate trustee to carry out the administration of your estate plan.

Establishing a trust requires skilled fiduciary professionalism. The Live Oak Private Wealth team will ensure your assets are protected and managed as you wish so your legacy remains intact.

Comprehensive Trust Services

Live Oak Private Wealth provides solutions for clients whose financial or family situations require the services of a skilled fiduciary. Our team can provide a broad range of fiduciary management services, including but not limited to:

  • Investment management
  • Account administration and accounting
  • Security safekeeping
  • Tax preparation
  • Performance measurement
  • Fund collection and disbursement

The Advantages of Utilizing a Trust

Avoidance of Probate

Establishing a trust can help you avoid many costly, time-consuming and public probate proceedings. When authenticating a will, a court must validate the will through a public probate process before assets may distribute to beneficiaries.

Privacy Preservation

The transfer of wealth should not be a public matter. Utilizing a trust means that the transfer of personal assets will remain private between you, your trustee and your beneficiaries. This eliminates the public insight that you may otherwise experience during the probate process.

Continuous Management

In addition to having the appropriate experience and objectivity, a corporate trustee also has an infinite lifespan. By using a corporate trustee, you can ensure your wishes are carried out with consistency and discipline for as long as needed.

Tax Minimization

A properly drafted trust agreement can allow the trustee the flexibility needed to maximize estate tax exemptions. Additionally, using a corporate trustee means you will enjoy the tax advantages of the corporate trustee’s trust jurisdiction, which can help further minimize the impact of taxes for your heirs.

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